Here’s the Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Here's the Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day – What is the difference between Memorial Day and veterans day? memorial Day is to remember and honor all military personnel who died in the service of our country, particularly those who died in.

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Get it straight: The difference between Memorial Day and. – We are here to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself. Inevitably, someone says something demonstrating confusion over the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Allow us to explain it.

From Good Housekeeping. While Memorial Day and Veterans Day both honor our country’s military forces, there are some subtle yet important differences between the two. Here are all the ways these special days are unique, plus interesting facts about each one and ideas for how you can properly celebrate america’s heroes.

 · Memorial Day was established in 1868 by the Grand Army of the Republic – a Civil War veterans organization – as Decoration Day: a day to decorate the graves of the military war dead. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the May date was established to ensure that the flowers would be in bloom.In 1971, Congress made it a national holiday.

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 · Well, it is the labor day, so now you have to get clear about the difference between memorial day vs veterans day vs labor day. Memorial Day VS Labor Day. As Memorial Day is the day when we remember the ones who died serving the Armed forces; and the labor day.

The United States commemorates Memorial Day on the last Monday of May every year. The nation has set aside this holiday to pay tribute to those who have died while serving in the U. S. military.

Veterans Affairs secretary vows not to privatize agency Veterans Affairs Secretary Vows Not To Privatize Agency. – The new secretary of veterans affairs pledged to the American Legion on Wednesday that he won’t privatize his agency’s health care services even as it increases options for veterans to seek care in the private sector. The secretary echoed a remark about privatization that he made earlier in the month to a group of Veterans gathered in Orlando.

 · Veterans Day: This federal holiday falls on November 11 and is designated as a day to honor all who have served in the military. According to, Veterans Day.

Memorial Day: Celebrated the last Monday in May, Memorial Day is the holiday set aside to pay tribute to those who died serving in the military. The website for the United States Department of.

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