Home sellers share 9 upgrades they wish they’d done sooner

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Each of these upgrades can each be easily done in an afternoon or a weekend, and in most cases for well under $1,000. If it means more people become interested in your home, it translates into a higher likelihood you’ll get your asking price (or more), and that makes it an afternoon very well spent.

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So I’m thinking of moving out of my house after 3 years. I’m at the point where I’m looking into this financially and seeing if I can do it. I have not had my house appraised yet, but from checking out recent sales in the area it’s safe to say that the house has appreciated at a "normal" rate for here in the midwest.

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We wish we’d done them earlier, but we’re still glad we did – it absolutely was a selling point for the buyer and made for a quick listing." – Carey Madill, Clements, Calif. A walk-in closet "I recently sold a home, and I decided to build a walk-in closet in the master bedroom to add a little cachet.

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Jed Share/Kaoru Share/Getty Images. To get to the closing table sooner rather than later, sellers may need to adjust their expectations and approach. Here are six important steps you can take now to sell your home before the. home marketing is done online now – either through multiple listing services.