For foreign wives of Saudi Arabian men, legal limbo sometimes awaits

Saudi women are turning to foreigners for stability and security in the marital world.Many say they would rather marry foreigners to ensure that the marriage doesn’t end in divorce or polygamy.

Following a four-year lull, The Civil Affairs and its branches all over Saudi have now resumed taking in applications for nationality from Saudi men’s foreign wives and widows. There will be a scoring system wherein the wife must get at least 17 points for the applications to be processed, reports Saudi Gazette.

Al Ghazal said: “Inspecters, numbering 312, of various Arab nationalities are assigned to complete the census assignment in Sharjah and they usually carry out their work between 5pm and 9pm. Sometimes.

Exclusive: in her first television interview, the former wife of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia claims her four daughters have suffered years

"Driving by Starlight" is a well written novel about a group of high school girls living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Leena is such a great character and I found the story to be captivating. It is an eye-opening book about the realities young women face in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia approved a law regulating marriage between its citizens and foreigners after several years of haggling because of widening rifts among law makers on the landmark law, the official.

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Countless Saudi women who face strained marital relations are left in a limbo when their husbands simply abandon them for lengthy periods, shirking their responsibility as husbands and fathers.

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